Case Study | VRV Offline Viewing

How to watch your favorite episode offline?


What is VRV?

VRV inside.

My Project role

My key responsibilities:

A sneak peek of the project

The challenge

Amazon Prime & Netflix are way ahead!

Goals — Why do we need that feature?!

Discovery — Customer insights

recreated the survey

Design Improvements

How do we allow the user to download an episode?

Status Quo

Initial watch page — we don’t have space!

To-do list


A tooltip helps the user to find the share functionality and inform him how-to.

Redesign episode cards ️and become Engineers best friend ❤️

Card exploration — make the watchpage great again

User Flow for Premium & Free/Anonymous user

quick and dirty sketches — what happen if?

Download videos

Premium user

Free/Anonymous user

Watch downloaded videos while offline

Premium user

Free/Anonymous user

Premium Flow — with edge cases

Last minute Pivot!

Create the best download experience and user engagement!

Evolution of Syncing

Bulk Sync Challenges

A draft of edge cases to figure how and if we rename the SYNC ALL


What I Learned

A Product Designer committed to make the world easier to use.

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